Where to find the best artist opportunities, and resources

Finding opportunities as an artist can be challenging in today's fast-paced world. With an overwhelming amount of information and feedback available, it's important to seek tips from trusted sources. Here are some recommended organizations for artists to find open calls, grants, prizes, and other opportunities.

Where to find the best artist opportunities, and resources
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Being an artist can be hard in this overwhelming world that goes too fast. Artists are constantly exposed to a huge amount of information, and getting lost is becoming easier and easier.
You better find a gallery to represent you!
Have you looked for some art residencies?
Why don’t you apply to open calls?
Have you tried organising open studio events?
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Everyday artists are bombarded with these questions and feedback. Many of them live in big cities where, most of the times, making a living from their art seems impossible and they need to rely on other jobs. Time for research is limited and we better find tips from the right sources.
Instagram turned into a powerful tool for artists to look at what’s out there. However, our exposure to an excessive amount of art initiatives can actually end up confusing us more rather than guiding us to the right path!
For this reason, we'd like to share our knowledge and suggest some trusted organisations where artists can regularly find opportunities such as open calls, grants, call for entries, prizes etc.
Art Rabbit - A selection of international open calls and opportunities for contemporary art-related competitions, prizes, exhibitions, awards, proposals, and grants for artists, writers and curators.
ArtConnect - Open Calls for ArtistsDiscover, compare, and apply to current open calls by leading art organisations around the world.
Slade School of Fine Art - Artist Residency Programmes
ITSLIQUID - Dedicated to world wide distribution of information about selected calls for entries, exhibitions and events.
Art Licks - Supports the work of early career practitioners and artist-led activity across the UK
TransArtists - Combines and shares knowledge and experience on artist-in-residence programmes and other international opportunities for creative professionals to temporarily stay and work elsewhere
Art Opportunities Monthly - Database of opportunities for artists
The Art Guide - Up-to-date listings for Exhibitions, Events and Calls for Entry
Made in Arts London - A platform that empowers UAL students showcasing and selling their work
Seb's Art List - Provides the most comprehensive and up to date list of art exhibitions and events in London, including Degree Shows and Open Studios section
Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop - Offers artists residency's in their West London Gallery. Founder Stacie MacCormac has also recently launched an app to help artists connect with collectors for 0% commission, check it out here
C4E Directory of Listings - Artists and photographers find art calls and art opportunities
CaFÉ™ - Find calls. Apply. Manage Entries.

ARTSVP was built specifically for the arts to make the booking process simple and stress free.We work with many of the world’s leading art brands helping them handling their tickets and guest lists, but we also support the wider arts community, including artists running their own shows or open studios. Please fill in some details about you to apply for the for an artists ARTSVP account.
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Rosita Mariella
Rosita Mariella

Rosita is an art historian and researcher based in Madrid. She’s been working in the art market since 2015, for galleries and collections based in London, until she joined ARTSVP in 2021.