How a smooth check-in improves your guest experience

The success of any big event largely depends on a smooth check-in system, and the art world is no exception. ARTSVP, an event management system, offers essential features to ensure a hassle-free check-in experience for guests, including guest search, partial check-in, real-time live check-in across devices, and the ability to add walk-ins and last-minute bookings. A well-organized check-in system not only leaves a positive first impression on guests but also helps art organizations with post-event activities such as attendance tracking and follow-up emails. ARTSVP's easy-to-use dashboard, pdf tickets, and QR codes make check-in simple and efficient for front-of-house staff and volunteers.

How a smooth check-in improves your guest experience
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When running a big event, it's not unusual for check-in to quickly become a bit of a logistical nightmare. No matter the planning, the attention to detail, or the forethought, unforeseen problems can (and will) arise; the key to confronting these issues are preparation and supportive systems.
But before we get to the details: is check in even that relevant?
We sometimes underestimate the importance of visitors' experience throughout the whole event: an event which begins with a streamlined, smooth access to the venue and give them a great first impression.
Big queues and long waiting time at reception? You probably got off on the wrong foot!
Smooth organisation and optimal use of a booking system can help art organisations providing excellent customers' experience from their very first steps.

Click here to find out more about ARTSVP check-in features.

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Eye of the Collector first edition, Two Temple Place, September 2021, Check-in at the door from ARTSVP dashboard
Beyond facilitating the guests' arrival, an efficient booking and check-in system is also beneficial for your post-event activities as it will allow your team to easily track the event's attendance and to send follow-up emails after the event.
There are a few things to bear in mind when you are using an event management system:
  • Guest search
It might sound obvious and banal but make sure there's a way to use a search bar to look for your guests' names and find them in a few seconds.
  • Partial check-in
When a booking includes a group of people, the partial check-in can help you to track each guest's arrival since they may not arrive all at once.
  • Adding additional guests' names
If a guest booked for themselves and additional guests, it is important to have a way to easily add their contact details at the door if they are willing to.
  • Adding walk-ins and last minute bookings
Last minute guests are very common, especially in the art world, and you better have a quick way to record their entrance.
  • Real time live check-in across devices
Event check-ins can be quick and chaotic, and handled by several members of staff from different devices. In order to make sure that they can see their colleagues' updates and avoid repeating updates, real time check-in across devices is fundamental.
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Front of house staff of Gloucester Cathedral using ARTSVP to check in guests during the Luke Jerram's Gaia Exhibition, October 2020
Before the event starts, make sure you've trained your temporary staff and volunteers. If you are using ARTSVP, give them access to the event page and set them up as 'Check-in only' members (sign in to your dashboard, click on the event page, then click on 'Access' at the menu on the right and you will be able to add their email addresses and set up their membership role).
Don't forget to have a desk or a designated person for walk-ins, last minute bookings, and guests who can't be found on the guest lists.
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Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Edition 6, 11 - 14 November 2021, volunteers using iPads to check in guests from ARTSVP's guest list view

With ARTSVP the check-in process is easy. Whether you're using our dashboard from iPads, pdf tickets or QR codes, our clients' front of house staff and volunteers at the door can check in guests simply and smoothly. If you are interested in ARTSVP and want to know more about our check-in features click here, or get in touch with us for more information.

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Rosita Mariella
Rosita Mariella

Rosita is an art historian and researcher based in Madrid. She’s been working in the art market since 2015, for galleries and collections based in London, until she joined ARTSVP in 2021.