Introducing invite links

Invite links allow event organisers to personalise the booking experience for special events and stop unwanted bookings being made.

Introducing invite links
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Invite links have been designed specifically to help event organisers provide a personalised booking experience for each invited guest whilst also managing who can book/rsvp.
Invite links can be created individually or in batches depending on requirements and can be used in-conjunction with booking links.
  • Can limit the uses per link (stopping the ability to share a link and get unwanted bookings)
  • Customise the link so only the designated invitee can book
  • Provide a personalised and professional booking experience
  • Save the guest time having to enter their name and email
  • Additional metadata can be attached to invite links which is transferred to bookings. This makes filtering bookings easier
In the video below I show the experience of a guest booking through an invite link
Video preview
The guests booking experience with a personalised invite link
Invite links are a flexible but probably most likely to be required for for running private event.  Here are some examples of times when invite links work best:
  • High profile events with strict guest list
  • Smaller events like client dinners
  • Special events where you want to provide the best booking experience
Invite links can be created from the invites menu within an individual event. Simply decide if you want to personalise the invite link with the guest info or leave blank to send a single use invite that will ask for the guests details.
notion image
Creating a single personalised invite link
You can also batch create invite links. This allows you to create many individual single use links at once. By adding the "invited by" data to these invites, you can  track where bookings came from (perfect for fairs asking their exhibitors to invite guests).
We are already working on an update that lets you create multi-use invite links. These will have the added benefit of making it easy to track the source of certain bookings whilst stopping large numbers of unwanted bookings.

Using the API

Using the API makes it fast to create many personalised booking links instantly. For ARTSVP users with membership portals invite links can be generated per member when they show intent to make a booking for an event.
notion image
Example api call to generate an invite link

Help docs

We will continue to provide further documentation regarding ways to use invites in our help centre and you can contact us on live chat with any questions.
If you'd like a demo on how to make the best use of invite links, please get in touch on

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