Why does booking suck?

Booking doesn't have to be a nightmare. At ARTSVP, we're changing the game by providing a stress-free, hassle-free booking experience for customers and businesses alike. Say goodbye to clunky booking systems and hello to simplicity and ease.

Why does booking suck?
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We've all experienced it. Someone tells you about an amazing attraction or event and then you realise you have to book ahead. You open your phone, find the website, and then brace yourself for the task ahead. Why do they need my billing details for a free ticket? Why do I need to give my phone number? Why do I need to create an account?
The truth is most of the time these details are not required but are simply the defaults of the third party booking system. Sometimes this can be adjusted in the settings but it is seen as a low priority task as long as it "is possible" to make a booking, even if it is a little clunky.

What is the problem?

Unfortunately it is the customers who are paying the price, both with their personal data and their stress levels.
Additionally businesses themselves are learning the pains of their customers starts to rub off on them pretty quickly. Phone calls from customers increase dramatically when the booking processes are poor.

How did we get here?

Accelerated by the pandemic, businesses rushed to implement booking systems of one sort or another, without thinking about the actual experience of making a booking.
Booking systems also rushed, adapting their systems to handle a broader range of customers. Time-slot bookings become a necessity for many businesses, but existing booking systems were not really built to handle managing availability on a time-slot basis.

Why should businesses take bookings?

For businesses, taking bookings provides several opportunities from developing a better understanding of the customer base to being able to measure the reach of marketing. Taking bookings also allows businesses to predict footfall even when booking is optional. Many businesses we work with encourage advance booking but still allow visitors to just turn up if there is room.
Finally taking bookings provides a key way to grow the mailing list. At ARTSVP we allow users to opt into the mailing list of the business and segment these bookings. 30% of bookings tend to opt in to hear updates meaning a business that takes just 10 bookings a day can grow their mailing list by 1000 subscribers in a year.

What are the benefits of booking for a customer?

At ARTSVP we believe that booking doesn't have to be a barrier or a stressful experience for the booker. In fact, many people like the certainty of being able to book. Booking ahead can provide helpful information to the visitor and also save wasted journeys. This includes opening hours, visitor info, and directions.
The good news is that many businesses have now learned that providing a good experience online is something that must be addressed. A better experience helps avoid unnecessary calls from customers saying they couldn't book or want to make changes to bookings.
At ARTSVP we take pride in making the booking experience simple and stress free. We ask for the minimum required customer information and send helpful confirmation and reminder emails with additional helpful information related to the booking.
Booking takes 10 seconds with ARTSVP!

ARTSVP was created to make the booking process simple and stress free. If you'd like to start taking bookings get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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