A booking system for the (entire) Art world!

ARTSVP, a ticketing and booking system designed for art businesses, has announced that their Starter Plan is now completely free. This plan offers a range of features to help businesses set up ticketing for events easily and efficiently, making it accessible to more people than ever before. ARTSVP also highlights the benefits of using a booking system, such as improving communication with customers and predicting footfall to events using past data.

A booking system for the (entire) Art world!
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We are thrilled to announce that after many months of hard work, the ARTSVP Starter plan is now completely FREE. Specifically designed to help art businesses of all sizes run events smoothly and efficiently, with our new free plan, we hope to empower more people than ever before to organise talks, shows, previews or exhibitions and open the doors to the world of art to the masses.

How is this different to the Professional Plan?

The Starter Plan remains unchanged (it's just free!) and users will still have access to a wide range of features that make it easy to set up ticketing for your events in just a few clicks. Our Professional option is for those running events more regularly and in need of specific features to help personalise the experience and manage footfall for large numbers of guests.
What we are most excited about with this new pricing is the possibility to bring art technology to people who may not have had access to before. Whether you're an artist, a student, an independent curator, or just an art enthusiast, our free plan is the perfect way to run your events.

I'm just a small business, why do I need a booking system?

Using a booking and ticketing system can be an opportunity to access a new range of benefits far beyond any administrative perks. Strengthen relationships with your existing clients with personalised booking links, improve your communication by having all your event information in one place (and soon in their emails!) and establish bonds with new visitors by reaching out after your event.
Here are a few more ways that taking bookings instead of walk-ins may benefit you no matter what your size:
  • Increase visitors' engagement through transactional emails during all stages of the event, making it an effective communication channel!
  • Give a professional look to your booking page and provide a more personal experience to your guests.
  • Reduce admin time handling bookings and appointments digitally and not manually. No more email threads!
  • Develop a better understanding of the customer base and predict footfall to your events using past data

How can you improve the experience for your visitors?

Booking an event shouldn't be a barrier or a stressful experience for your clients. At ARTSVP we take pride in making the booking experience simple and stress free. We ask for the minimum required customer information and send helpful confirmation and reminder emails with additional helpful information related to the booking. This includes opening hours, visitor info, and directions.
Many people actually like the certainty of being able to book as booking ahead can provide helpful information to the visitor and also save wasted journeys.  Furthermore, a better online booking experience helps avoid unnecessary calls from customers saying they couldn't book or want to make changes to bookings.

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